Shenlong 神龍   13.5Fried Dim Sim dumpling style with Crispy Skin Filledwith pork and cabbage. Served with Sweet Chilli Sauce. (3pc)

Miami Chips  13.5    (gf)
Crispy rustic style chips loaded  with Bacon and Cheddar. 
Chips  10.5    (gf)
Crispy rustic style chips with side tomato sauce.

Garlic and Herbs Bread 9 (v) 

Gambero   13.5

Torpedo Prawns coated in coconut flakes with lemon wedge and aioli. (6pc)


Croc Dundee  16.5
Spring Roll filled with crocodile meat and lemon myrtle, 
tossed carrots and rocket with sweet chilli sauce. (3pc) 

Falafel 13.9    (gf | v)
Crisp vegetarian falafel made from chickpea and special
herbs served with aioi sauce and tossed salad. (6pc) 

Crispy Chicken 13.5   
Crispy fried chicken fingers served with authentic spicy homemade smoked
Chipotle Mayo. (6)

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