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Visit Green Island or/and Fitzroy Island

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Green Island

In terms of accessibility, Green Island just off the Cairns' coast is hard to beat for those looking for a quick and enjoyable spot to do all the Great Barrier Reef essentials without having to devote a large amount of time or money to do so. Green Island is a coral cay fringed by reef and famous for two main highlights, its high number of sea turtles and its iconic SeaWalker helmet diving experience and the local photo bombing Parrotfish, Gavin.

However, If you're a tourist to Cairns who wants a slightly less touristy island exploration option than Green Island, then Fitzroy Island can make for perhaps a more ideal choice. With a reputation as more of a place for locals than visitors, Fitzroy Island provides a solid all-around island destination with plenty of activities that are also quite accessible from Cairns – although not as easily as Green Island – and requires more effort to reach for an often greater payoff.

Fitzroy Island offers the likes of hiking, sea kayaking and a range of bars and cafes in addition to the standard snorkelling and lazing in the sunshine, although there are plenty of secluded places to do that here, too. Fitzroy Island is also far larger than Green Island and comes complete with not only tropical rainforest but additional spectacles in the way of dense woodlands and stony coasts that are a joy to explore.

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